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09/20 2010

The day of the typhoon.

Yesterday didn´t really end up as i wanted.

They canceled the last round and for my first time in my life i were hoping to see a real tropical storm, but it never showed up. we gotten really gusty winds but i have seen worse in Sweden actually. So it was a kind of a disappointment.

Here is a little video from yesterday:

Right now i´m in the hotel outside Kobe, Japan. I think this tournament is gonna be awesome. Many of the other Asiantour players are talking very good about it. The course should be fantastic. They are also saying that it´s usually a big galleri of people watching especially this week cause Ryo Ishikawa is going to play. Ryo seems to be such huge star here in Japan. I belive that is actually bigger then Tiger Woods here. Would be nice playing with him in the last group sunday and ending up me winning. Thats gonna be such a dissepointment for whole Japan =).

Ate an 7 eleven breakfast on the Shuttle to the golfcourse everyday from friday to sunday. Aswell today but to the airport. Wake up call 4.30 – 5.00 am 4 days in a row. Tonight i´m gonna sleep ssssssoooooo goood!

Before i played on the Asiantour i was a 54 handicapper eating with sticks but now i´m more of a decent 24 handicapper i guess =).

Time to get some rest!


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