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09/22 2010

Rokko kokusai gc + Competition.

Had my practice round today. Didn´t have hany energy really today, just feelt tired so my game were not on top. Have eating alot of good food now so my energy level should be on top again for tomorrow.

The golfcourse are really difficult. It´s playing long with tight fairways and serously high rough. Some spots have even higher rough then Pebble beach had when i played the US open.The greens are receptive and easy to read which helps alot when you miss the green in regulation. The greens on the back 9 are not that good though, Very sandy and quite bumpy…

Here is some pictures from today:

Hole 2. par 4, 480 yards uphill.

Hole 3. par 3, 200 yards. Great hole. The picture are quite bad because i forgot my kamera and had to use my phone instead.

3-wood down the 15th.

Hole 18. par 4, 500 yard-monster. Just have to ripp it down the middle for a 6-iron in to a small green.

They made an effort on the first tee where they have this “play well” – signs in all the players languages. Unfortuntely they spelled it wrong in swedish. “Spela bran” it says, but it should say “spela bra”. Like the effort though =).

Thick rough or what!?!?!.. 200mm high aswell. Don´t think you can really see it on this picture.

The japanese loves there cameras =).

Spend an hour converting the yardage book in too meters. I can tell you that i rather spend my time doing something funnier then this…Uhhh.

You like playing with something different? How about if you tell me the winning score for the week, and you can win a dozen of the ball i´m playing (Srixon Z-star) in Yellow. So, just email me to this adress:, Tell me the winning score and i also throw in some hats aswell. I want your answer before friday night!

7.18am teetime.

Time to get some rest!

Take care


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