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05/11 2015

Next up Spanish open.

Hallo all,

Not the weekend I hoped for. Went out there and just tried to be reckless mentally. Had two triple bogeys and putted to poorly so it was hard to get a low number. However, I see much improvement in the game and if I just keep practicing this way and enjoy it good weekends is around the corner.

Soon gonna board the plane which will take me to Dubai and then onwards to Barcelona. Fun week ahead as this is the first proper Europeantour event on European soil. As much as I love living in the heat I also like going back to Europe to get some crisp air and western lifestyle. Spanish open is the tournament called and it´s played at El prat GC. Something I haven’t played but heard good things about. Cool fact, they moved the whole golf course some years ago cause they needed to extend Barcelona airport.

Maybe a few of you people reading this is think of a vacation on Mauritius? So here comes some feedback and tips from our honeymoon week at Maurice Shanti hotel.

First of all I wanted to say that I had high expectations. Mauritius has always looked and felt as a dream luxury island to me. I don´t know if it´s cause of my expectations was so high combined with the quite high price that it didn´t fulfil our expectations all the way or  it has to do with something else. To explain better I wanna list all the things that was great and the things which didn´t meet our expectations.


  • Water is Beautifully blue
  •  Big rooms
  • Green surroundings with nice “mountains”
  • Fresh food
  • Restaurant location was switched around everyday for an authentic feel and also so you didn´t get bored of the same hotel restaurant.
  • Exploring the Island and boat trips where amazing.

Things that didn´t really meet our expectations:

  • There is a reef which surrounds the island approx. 500 meters from the shore which makes the tide very low at all time. So low that you can´t swim at some points(Just up to your knees).
  • Rooms where big which is nice but it didn´t really feel that cozy. Needed some more decoration.
  • As we where only half board at Shanti we had to pay for lunch and that was ridiculously priced. Two small green salads + still water. 55 euros.
  • As thru Mauritian law beaches are all public. Even if you are staying at a super nice beach resort you can expect it gets pretty crowded.

I would totally recommend you to go to Mauritius for a vacation. Specially if you like to explore and be active, but choose a less expensive hotel. If you are the typical relax-reading-book- tourist just take in consideration that all beaches are public and swimming in the sea could be tough mainly thru out the year.

See you in Spain!


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