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10/28 2014

Sweaty and sweet

It was warmer then I aspected today. Warmed up for 30 min and then walked out on the course and walked in to a wall. At least that was what it felt like.  I was forced to stop after 9 holes to eat and cool down. After 45 min in there I gave it a new try and was totally empty after 2 holes. So after playing the 12th hole I crossed over to 17th and joined Kevin Streelman. Seems like a stand up guy who played the course with his caddie pumping jesus rock from his phone. If you are bored playing practice rounds it´s not a bad ide.

I know that it has been a lot of talk since Phil Mickelson opened his mouth after the Ryder cup. I don’t think the issue is in the coach at all! After today It´s so clear to me. Around 90 procent of the Americans plays the practice rounds by themselves.  During the year it doesnt seem like they have any automatic team building thru hanging out on the golf course with the other players. On the european tour it´s a different story. Even if the nationalities hang more to each other it is a better atmosphere.

Let´s not forget that this year the European team was really strong!

Some pics from today!



It not hard to count out your carry this week… Will probably see lift,clean and place.

IMG_5833 IMG_5834

2nd shot after a perfect drive on the par-5, 5th hole.



I was trying to strike a good pose with my new Srixon bag. This is how good it got



Time to sleep!


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10/27 2014

CIMB Classic

After two weeks on the road its time for the biggest event of the year, CIMB Malaysian classic.

An event who’s a co-santioned event between PGA-tour and Asian tour. The Asian tour side you have to be top-10 when the 20- October deadline was drawn. I was ranked 8th at that time and earn my spot.

Unfortunately I didn’t earn my full playing rights for the 2015 Europentour season thru the 13 events I played. But because of the co sanction events with the Asian tour and the kat 15 (111-125) I will get around 18 events next year. We shall not forget that I have the q-school left as well were I can earn better status.

Some pics from the last two weeks:



The Hong kong taxi drivers like there phones! Someone know why they have 4?



Niklas Lemke happy as a kid on Christmas day. Tv games in the taxi!



One more to the fantastic taxis in Hong Kong.

I say: “No fit!”

Taxi driver say: “No problem, have rope….”




Decided on some options last week for our kitchen at Black mountain. I didn´t tell Pernilla about the putting green though!




Movember is coming up. Better stasche up!



Gave my self a little accomplishment- present after getting in to the CIMB Classic. The new noise cancelling headphones from Bose. Sits better, a little more base and if you run out of batteries you can still listen even if the noise cancelling function is gone.



From Hong Kong open to Macau open. 55 min ferrie journey between this tournaments. I like!



Cause of my health and all this ebola shit I have a new travel look .




Some clubhouses know how to build a locker room. This is from Macau GC last week. Hot jacuzzi with tv showing the golf! Setup for a perfect sunday.



Welcome to Kuala Lumpur and the PGA tour!


This could one of the best re-mixes of any song I heard!:


Have a great night!


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10/8 2014

Done with the cold!

My lack of experience on links courses and playing in cold condition payed it’s price last week.

+5 on ST Andrews in decent condition was horrible. So many mistakes not knowing how much the ball gonna bounce and how much the wind gonna affect it.

It got better at Carnoustie and I was laying – 2 for a while. Unfortunately an easy mistake was done again. With a wedge I hit it down in the famous waterhazard just infront of the 18th green. 6 shots, back to even par. The cold and windy conditions took out its right on the back nine and I finished totally + 2.

Got some redemption on Saturday with a final -7 at kingsbarns. It’s the easiest of the three courses,but without holding any putts -7 was a great game of golf. But it was different, slightly warmer and a bit softer which made me more comfortable.

What I learned?

Next year I might go even earlier to get some more experience playing links golf. Also, try to feel and act more confident on the course. Cause I got the game, only the lack of experience and also confident of what you think your ball will do makes such a huge difference.


in Stockholm now to see Ulf Kilman again and get ride of this virus!!!

See you in Abu Dhabi.

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10/1 2014

Jamie the King.

All set for this week. Some more work on the putting and low ball flight shots today. I have to say it feels so different to play this kind of golf. I just feel unexperienced. You know what kind of shots you need to play even if you haven´t practiced them as much as you like. The only thing you can do is to trust it and live with it :).


10.17 tee time tomorrow at St andrews.


This could be one of the best interviews I seen. It´s so much bullshit talk in official media but Jamie Donaldson is just honest and I love it!


“no, cause I’m still drunk” 😀

Take care Guys!

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09/30 2014

Dunhill Links

Hi again,


Many  wondered what happen in Wales cause I retired? I thought I was good enough to play but the fever symptom that gives me a dizzy feeling was terrible. I topped the ball a few times and when I was 10 over par, there was no need to fight it anymore.

I went to sweden afterwards to meet with Ulf Kilman. He told me that my infection is coming from a virus called “Idena”. I feel a lot better now being on strong treatment but still experience dificulties with the dizziness. I still think I have a good chance for a good result here in Scottland at the Dunhill Links championship as my game feels solid and the putting is getting better!

here are some pics:



View over the 18th green at Kingsbarns



15th tee walking up to the 12th


Garry my Caddie strikes a pose



The beach next to Carnoustie this morning.



Coach Viktor is here




18th green at Carnoustie. Has to be one of the toughest finishing holes in golf.



Finishing my prep for the tournament tomorrow at St Andrews!


see you then!




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09/18 2014


Last Saturday I felt a slight dehydration after my round. It led to muscle ache, sore throat, pain in the ears and fever. It’s the 6th time This year I got the same symptom and I can’t find the solution. After seeing 4 doctors and other specialists around the world you notice how different they are in there conclusions of what I’ll picked up. My conclusion after seeing all this people: they describe waaay to much antibiotics. It doesn’t only kill the bad bacteria in your body. It also kills the good. So my immune system have gotten so bad every time I exhaust my body by working out, dehydration etc it can rebuild. Also my problem is not bacterial it’s probably viral which means my 4 antibiotics cures has been the wrong treatment.

Bottom line I just wanna say. Eat better and when you feel sick see a person who can guideline you to the right supplements which will boost your body up so it can take care of it by itself.

I feel better now by boosting myself with c-vitamin, zinc, probiotics, bicarbonate, wheatgrass and a lot of sleep.

However, I don’t have any big expectation on myself this week after just been able to practice 1 and half hours yesterday. Energy is there now though so let’s do the best out of it!

14.00 last off!



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09/15 2014

Crossing the continents.

Finished 14th last week after a final 74 +2 under windy condition. My game kept feeling good under the weekend and even if I finished with a over par round I’m happy the way l play and the confidence I feel over the ball. Even the course is what it is this week that is what counts. Cause some
Courses doesn’t fit you and this is defiantly one who doesn’t fit me because my lack of experience on the craziest grainy greens in the world.

Now I’m sitting in a taxi from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Will do some repacking and then fly to London 6 hours later for playing the wales open. Not what I really wanted but I play this and for 99 % I will not go to japan. That would just crack me. Because the week after japan I go to Scotland for the Dunhill links championship. This wouldn’t really work:

Switzerland- Taiwan- Wales – Japan – Scotland –

Skipping japan to have a week off I Abu Dhabi is the plan :).

Kygo is the shit!

See you next in wales!


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09/12 2014

Golfbag vs Karlberg 1-0

Lost my temper a little bit after finishing with a double bogey yesterday. Kicking my golfbag with my foot was not a great ide, cause at impact, my knee sounded “klick”.

No pain, or lost mobility in it until 3 hours later, then… Couldn´t  bend the knee and  hardly could walk. Was scarred there for a while but after som icing and Ibuprofen it got better quick and this morning the pain was almost gone.




Normally I don’t let my aggression out so I learned something how I not should do it.


Enough about my stupid behavior and more about my game.Yesterday was great from tee to green but as expected I struggled on the greens. So I did today, but my chipping was great and that made up when I hit more lose shots then yesterday. The best thing is that I feel comfortable over the ball with every club. Even with my putter. After a starting 72-72 even par I’m 7 shots back. That gap can you easily caught up to with 2 good rounds. My game is there, so just a little bit of luck on the greens and it should´t be any problems.

It happens now and then that the Asian tour surprises you with different “rules”.


30 bollar


I guess that most of you can imagine what the players think about this ;).



Time to get some beauty sleep.



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09/10 2014

Bring that grain to me!

All set for tomorrow, atleast as prepared as I can be after being on a mountain going in to the jungle. A clarification of that: going from Poana/bent- mix greens to “grainy unaerated fucked-up Bermuda -greens” :) in 1 day.

The greens are firm and haven’t been Aerated in forever so they are grainy and jumpy. Will be a challenge to read them this week but even more challenging to except the results. Cause you will miss putts, and many of them you will probably think out loud “how the f*ck could it go that way”.

Just man up and hope for the best.

My appetite wasn’t very high during the pro am dinner:


7.10 tee time tomorrow. That means 4.15 wake up call. Gahh :).


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09/9 2014


What up all,

There was a loong time ago I wrote something on the blog. I have received some complaints because of that. It’s shows that you people are interested in something more than just a short tweet or a picture on Instagram. So, I was thinking I stop spending time on that and more energy on the blog.

At the moment I’m Sitting on the plane to Taiwan after a short lay over in Abu Dhabi. Last week in Switzerland felt steady as it has for a while now. I don’t know if you followed my scores though, but I had two trippel bogeys who killed the steam during my weekend. 2 bad shots on 2 days that’s all it took. But it’s golf and the less you concern about it the more you learn from it and can move on. It was not that many birdies during the week either. Much cause I have worked a lot on my technique. A little bit to much so when I get out on the course it gets to many thoughts between me and the shot instead of just DO.

To fix that this week I will try to do more result-based exercises on the practice green and less technique drills.

My swing coach called this “golf- porn”, I don’t know if it turns you on? 😉 but it looks pretty good:


Doesn’t seem tough to be a weather forecaster in Taiwan:


Take care guys!


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