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01/17 2015

Swing pics…

As you all know I didn´t get in to the Abu dhabi championship this week.  I had a good week anyway practicing with my coach Viktor and hanged out in the commentary box on friday.



Picked up a box of 3 pair of shoes. This one are not bad at all. Crocodile silver.


Had a little cut dinner for a few of the swedish guys playing this week. Tacos was on the menu and my raw food ice-cream :).


New arrivals :)



Had a great day with Viktor. Tried some new clubs from Srixon. The club head looks great but the specs were not right so I have to wait until we get that right before I put them in the bag.

RK 1

My swing looks good overall but the driver still needs some work. Viktor changed my posture a bit,  a little bit more hanging over the ball. My tendency is that my hands get´s to high and away from the body in impact.


RK 2

Pretty equal, just a little bit more hanging on the pic to the right which makes me slightly flatter on the top.

RK 3

The left pick I get a bit behind and underneath the plane. The right is better.

RK 4

Same same…

RK 5

The Iron-swing is just pure.

RK 6


Up and down.


In the beginning of the round tomorrow I will be back commentating for Viasat Golf Sweden. Do you have any question. Tweet me or email me on


Take care




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01/12 2015

I leave SA satisfied but with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Overall I´m happy with the week at Glendower GC.  The course wasn’t really setup for my game. Quite a lot of drivers to narrow fairways and from there you hit in to soft greens.  Because of the distance  and height I hit the ball I rather take a bit wider fairways and firmer greens.  This is one of the reasons tournament golf is so fun. You have to learn how to adopt to every course and form your course management after it. For me it means Driving irons from the tee and middle irons in to the greens.

Finishing 15th was a bit sour in the end when I was so close to get top-5 and play  this week at Abu dhabi championship. instead It´s a week to practice and prepare for the next week that hopefully would be Qatar masters.



your short game can never be  to good



Niclas fasth was happy with his -1, 71. finish and celebrated with some champagne. I took my Vegan protein shake :P.


Played some “Lingheim” for Mikael Lundberg. know he is also very hooked:


See ya.




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01/8 2015

Happy with the start.

Nice day  at Glendover GC. Shot -2 in the little breezy condition.

Best of all today was that I stayed patient. The rough is really thick and long and I had three fairway missed that I just needed to hit back in the fairway. two of those I was only 5 Yards from the fairway.

Here is some pics:



Nice to have Pelle and Johan to hang out with. It´s not that nice to lose money to them :)


Keep going stron with my Vegan diet. Tough out here though.


There is a few nice holes out here. this 14th.



Even the cats like him…



Driving is feel quite solid. Hit a lot of good ones on to this narrow fairways.


Take care guys.



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01/5 2015

SA Open, I´m on my way.

Happy new year everyone.

I hope you celebrated it well.

Sitting on the plane from Dubai to Johannesburg and I thought I would write you a few words.

My energy is getting better and better, so is the practice. I’ll think i never practiced so little in the off season before so I’m very happy that my swing doesn’t need any big improvements or work. The only thing I need is rounds of golf because it’s very up and down.  One day it’s 74 the other day 64. I don’t have high expectations in Johannesburg it’s just gonna be really fun to be back playing!

As you might seen on Twitter I have a new clothing sponsor: J.Lindeberg. Gonna be great fun to work with a brand who impacted the golfing style as much as they done with colors and design! :)

Just picked up the first clothes and will give you some picks tomorrow :)

If you run out of something chill to listen to while you are driving or traveling. Check this out:

Lingheim approved mix tapes. Sweet mashups!

time to land now.

See you later.


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12/22 2014


I´m sitting on my 2nd flight of 3 when I write this. 27 hour journey from Orlando to Bangkok. Yihaa!


Yepp that´s right! To Thailand and my favorite place on this planet, Black mountain, Hua Hin. Spending one week there with my fiancee for some wedding planning, finishing the house and relaxing.


Back to my illness:


In the middle of my stay at Hippocrates I was not sure I would get a diagnos. I was skeptical that just Detox,  few vitamin and oxygen treatments with some supplements would be enough. Also I didn´t feel that much difference. So on Thursday I booked a time with the founder and director of the institute Dr. Brian Clement. I think I never met a man with more knowledge then him. All the lecture he did and Q & A´s which you could throw any question at him and he would have a answer without even hesitating.


Brian explained to me that I had so many infections in my body, both viral and bacterial even they were not ”active ” I have them latent in my blood stream. Many have the same but as I been given so much antibiotics in Asia over the 2 last years my Immunsystem got weak and I ”leak” protein.  This makes my muscles inflamed and the only way to treat it is by strongen my Immune system. Both  by a Vegan diet and supplements. However,  That was not only thing they found. After a urine test they found high levels of  Uranium, you heard it right Uranium! The Uranium is not the cause of my issue. Brian explained it works in the same way as you put pepper in a open wound. It will not heal. The best way to get ride of this heavy metal toxin is to sweat it out in a sauna.



After being on this diet, treatments, supplements and gotten a diagnos I feel the best I done in a year. I´m not perfect. But for once it feels like i´m getting there!



I found some time for golf in the last week. 3 rounds of golf and a little practice session on saturday.

Wednesday and Saturday I practiced with Alex Norén. Great to see that his wrist is getting better so he can play again!  Alex is a member at The Bears club in West palm beach and I have to say. What a place! Nothing to complain about there!




The bear like moose!








Last day at Hippocrates we got Raw food pizza:



Tasted like heaven!

My buddy from sweden who lives and plays in America swinged by to see how I was doing. His usual Subway -sandwich diet makes it hard to coop raw-vegan and Wheatgrass juice. He almost puked :).


Will miss the heated jaccuzzi :).


Supplement time!!!!



See you soon!




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12/15 2014


One week of detoxing and different treatments. Do I feel better? Body = Yes. Head = No.

When I got here I felt dizzy, headaches, muscle ache, ear pain.  On friday I started to feel a difference in my body. It started to feel light,smooth and energetic. Great feeling when I now started to work out again. Yesterday I tried to push it a bit, maybe should not call it pushing but from what I been doing before I would call it pushing :). However, during the session I felt that the back of my head started to hurt. It comes from the neck and builds up. My ears started too hurt as well. I thought that I have fucked up and my flu symptom was gonna come again. I rested as much as I could yesterday and it actually haven´t built up. Today I only feel sore muscles not muscle ache. I think this proves that I´m somehow on the right track to get better but being able to give everything will take a while.

My dizziness is still there though and we are still trying to do tests. Hopefully I`ll  get an answer soon.



IMG_6259 IMG_6260

The best thing yet, believe it or not has been the colonic. They suck all your shit out inside your intestines. An unpleasant feeling but afterwards you feel like a feather. The nurse told me that the bowel which  your shit goes thru weighs around 7 pounds (about 3 kg). When a person die they usually weigh 20-30. Elvis bowel weighted 50 pounds. Not surprised he died of a heart attack taking a dump.



It`s usually no que for the food but two nights ago it was different:



We got Ice cream :). Before I got here I would say it tested like awful. Now, it was Häagen dazs.


Oxygen help on a treadmill. I don´t feel like a man :).





Pretty nice morning while I´m writing this!


Breakfast now. Quionoa porridge with cinnamon and buckwheat milk.




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12/11 2014

Testing testing. Not golf clubs .:)

Have done a lot of tests this far but not a lot have shown except one thing. My protein levels in my blood are high. At my first thought when the doctor said this was “That´s good”. Then she explained to me that it should be in my muscles not that much in my bloodstream. It could explain why I get flu symptoms when I have been trying to work out. Cause my muscles haven’t got enough protein to rebuild and then I get muscleache and in the end fever etc.

Waiting for a test today about insect bites and viruses. Hopefully that will give me more answers…

hippocrates hippocrates4


The diet, salad and green juices. Cheers 😉

hippocrates5 hippocrates2


IV-Vitamins treatment.



2x daily infrared sauna.


Now I will go and get my stomach flushed :D.


See you later


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12/8 2014

Preparing for the 2015 season

There was a looong time ago I posted something here.  I beg your pardon, but the reason is that I haven´t felt 100 procent. I have been talking about it before, about a viral infection. After several different treatments of medicin, both chemical and natural I taken the decision and gone to the leader of this issues:  Hippocrates health institute in West palm beach, Florida. I´m going to stay here for 2 weeks to detox and get medical treatment to really hit the reset button.

Before going to florida I was so happy I got thru the Europeantour Q-school. It´s a week of where it´s easy to get ahead of yourself and think bad thoughts. I kept my patient and prepared myself that the bad thoughts will come so when they came I kept my cool and trusted my game.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during that week and all the lovely messages!

From now on we will have some fun with this blog again! I promise you!

Will give you some updates what´s happening during my stay at this detox place! 😀



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10/30 2014

It all came together today.

Can´t ask for a better start. Driving was good, my irons and short game even better.

Have waited for this day for a while now that things comes together. Hopefully it will keeping flowing if I just go in to every day and round with a fresh mind!


Here is the highlights from todays round:


Have a good night!


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10/29 2014

Casey and Ishikawa

Woke up early to get some training done.

Had a good session on the range for 2 h and 30 min. Working on getting a bit flatter in my back swing especially  with my woods. Starts to feel like it´s coming together.


Looking forward to tee it up tomorrow with Paul Casey and Ryo Ishikawa 7.45. Im  defiantly not here to learn, I´m here to show!




Not the best range to practice wedges but had a good session anyway.



Nice par-3 !


Lets sleep!

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