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09/21 2010

Big in japan..

Pro-am today which i didn´t have to play. I guess they knew that my japanese aren´t that good so it would´ve been hard to communicate with the sponsors =).

Had a really good practiceday instead. Working hard to get my putting in worldclass shape again. I got so happy because of this:

A new putting arc! The best putting equipment for my stroke. Not exactly as the one i had before but it works the same!

The Practice area is very good this week. Nice grass-turf on the drivingrange and good practice greens for putting and pitching/bunker/chipping:

My game is in really good shape so i got big hopes for this week as loong as i just trust it out on the course. If i have the same mental thoughts that i had last week in the 3-round it´s gonna be good. I told myself that, fuck it if you shot 100, just commit to the shoot and let it goo.

When I and a couple of other guys from Australia went for lunch we had to wait around 15 min before we got in to the restuarant. The funny thing was that when we got in there´s not that many people eating . It was like when your going out to an night club and you que up and when you get in it´s almost no people there. They just having a que to makeing it look that it is alot of people inside. However the huge menu is pretty nice as you can see. 4 different courses =).

I´m still stiff since i worked out with weights this sunday so i did a serious Flexibility-workout in the hotelhall =).

I know why they are so small in this country. They are not eating enough! This portion costed 35 usd. It´s so small. where out yesterday and bought som avocados and other nice stuff to add up my roomservice food with.

It´s just not the portions that are small, the rooms are really tiny aswell.Shit, i haven´t packed up my stuff yet cause i don´t know where to put it..

These guys know how to eat though =)! so funny cause some of them weigh more in kilos then they are tall in centimeters. Some guy were 176cm tall and weighted 184kg!

Will go up early tomorrow so i get an early practice round. My teetime for thursday is 7.18 so it´s nice too chill out tomorrow afternoon and save energy.

Take care



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