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06/7 2015

Windy Sweden 

2015 Nordea master was played in tough windy conditions. My own game is feeling pretty solid but had a tough time to put  a score together. I finished even par and tied for 43rd. Not really satasfied but I’m happy I turned around my second round with a -5 the last seven holes to make the cut on the number.  

I have to bow down and say thank you to my lovely family and friends who came down and supported me!


Next week is the Austrian open which is played on diamond park and countryclub. Before that I’m playing the Dubliner pro am. Swedish pros from the Nordea masters will come and play. Guys like Jonas Blixt, Johan Edfors, Sebastian Söderberg, Pelle Edberg, Kristoffer Broberg and many more will play so come and watch tomorrow on Hills Gc if you wanna se some world class golf.
Take care


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06/3 2015

9.20 teetime with Timon and Pumba.

everything is set after a windy day on the golf course. Srixon have done a great job to been able to copy my old clubs and I’m  ready to play some great golf! 

I’m teeing of 9.20 tomorrow with Michael Jonzon and my good friend Joel Sjöholm. 

For the Swedish people who followed this blog for a while might remember this  from when I and Joel just qualified for the Asian tour:

Timon and pumba is live tomorrow again so please come and support!

all the best.


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06/2 2015

Gained 34 spots the final round

The whole week at royal county down was very tough. Windy, rainy, cold and even hail. It’s very rarely I play links golf so I’m happy that I finished tied 21st. Unfortunately the weather and links golf got to me during the third round. Three 3-putts in four holes made me lose my head and temper and it costed me a lot of shots. The final round I just decided to focus on my attitude and act in the way you need when your playing in tough conditions. Even if I missed a couple from two feet I kept my cool and finished off with three under par the last five holes. I signed for a minus two, 69 and gained 34 spots in the end. When I was out there I did not even reflect that I could gain that many spots by shooting under par. Funny how much better it is when you don’t focus on the result in this sport :).
Now I’m in Sweden for the Nordea Masters, the Swedish Europeantour tournament and looking forward to see some big galleries. Today the weather was shit but it should be great from Thursday and onwards. 

My clubs haven’t showed up from the flight yet so the boys at Srixon/Cleveland have done me a new set! 


Beautiful work!
Let’s have some chill time now :)

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05/28 2015

Royal county down…

















Hi all,

Almost half of the season has gone and today was the first day I felt I scored well. I was almost surprised when I played the 18th hole and realized I was 1 under par. Didn´t feel like I played that good in the tough conditions. But the shots I hit well was excellent and finished off nicely with good putts.

Yesterday I did a shaft change on all my irons and I think that´s the reason why my better shots has been so good today. If you look at my swing a lot looks better then last year. Going in to this week I started to think about all the aspects of the game, and yes some materialistic issues can have something to do with it. Not all, but some. Thumbs up for the shaft change 😉

However, 3 days to go on this crazy links course.


IMG_0698 IMG_0700 IMG_0704 IMG_0717 IMG_0714


Every hole on the course were played in cross wind today. We also had hail, rain, sun and wind. All on the same hole :). Many tee shots and approach shots are played blind which I dislike other then that, Royal county down is a fantastic track and a must visit if you love links.

IMG_0695 IMG_0692 IMG_0690 IMG_0689 IMG_0688

Had to Put a lot of work on the shortgame yesterday as the hard tight surface will make you hit a lot of putts or 7 irons from outside the greens.


Lets keep on scoring well.

13.20 teetime tomorrow!



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05/26 2015

No USA, next Ireland.

Hello folks. Unfortunately no U.S. Open for me in 3 weeks. Hit to many tee shots out in the heather the first round. Shot plus three and were quite a long way back with only one round left to play. So the second round I just went out and tried to give it all. Got off to a good start , 3 under after 5 holes and 4 under after 8. I knew if I could make one more birdie before the last 6 holes I could have a shot as the last 6 have 3 easy reachable par 5’s. Instead of birdies I did bogeys so my final score minus 3 for a total of even par was 5 shots to many.

The game felt so much easier the second round as the tee shot was much better. I just tried to aim right and hit big draws. It worked well and it made it easier for me to feel I could go left and rotate hard thru impact and not get stuck behind and loose it to the right. It’s a bit back to how I hit the driver a few years ago, always with a draw. 
Big congrats to shiv Kapur which I played with and alex Noren my roomie.

Time to hit the airport. See you in Ireland.

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05/20 2015

Shorter swing 

Spanish open didn’t go as planned. Started to overthink why I am missing it to the right. As I’m always working on my swing to get better it’s easy to look for the issue in there. Especially as I feel relaxed and mentally good when I play. As I said though I’ve tried to not work as much on technical aspects. However when I’m starting to miss my thoughts falls towards “what is happening, why is it going right”. Then I start to “fix it”. I have to stop doing this and let my body fix it by itself. Not only after 3 shots. At least for 18 holes.

Here is how My swing looks now:

How it looks if you break it down. 



I’ll can recommend to keep a glove underneath your right armpit as it gives you a more compact motion and gives you more pressure in to the shot.

2nd reserve now in to the irish open. Hopefully some more guys pulls out so I get in. Before that I go to London for the U.S. Open qualifying which is played on Monday. Some final preparation will be made tomorrow when I go up to Stockholm to work with my swing coach Viktor.
Take care


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05/13 2015

How I usually practice the day before tournament.

good afternoon! 

This is how I prepared today before the Spanish open:

      • 9.00-9.15 putting arc- focus on having the blade more closed and low in the stroke.
      • 9.15-9.30 putting mirror – keep head very still
      • 9.30-9.45 putting tutor – head still until impact then track the ball slowly with your eyes.
      • 9.45-10.30 pace exercise – try to feel the distance with your practice strokes and then copy that when hitting it.
    • Also called the one foot pace exercise. 3 balls x different distances: 5 10 15 meters. Hit 9 out of 9 and your done.
      • 10.30-11.00 20 puttest – 2 putts on every yardage until 10 meters. Ex: 2 x 1m. 2 x 2m. 2 x 3m. Total amount of putts: 20 try to atleast hole 7.
      • 11.00-11.10 brake
      • 11.10-11.30 chipping drill – crosshanded 
      • 11.30- 12.00 chipping – new lie, distance and club – do your routine  
      • 12.00-12.15 bunker shoot drill – only hit with the left hand 
      • 12.15-12.30 bunker – new lay, distance for every shoot.
      • 12.30-13.15 lunch
      • 13.15- 14.00 technique training on range, work on swing plane and keeping the  head still
      • 14.00 -14.30 hitting draws with driver.
      • 14.30- 15.00 new shot, length, club exercise in trackman example:
      • Distance |flight |club |score
        1. 122 |fade| Gw| 4points  
        2. 124 |draw| Gw| 4p
        3. 191 |fade| 5i| 9p
        4. 122 |draw| Pw| 6P
        5. 102 |fade| Gw| 8p

Score system is judged by myself depending on accuracy, distance, flight and strike. I’ll keep track of my points so I know I get better and better. 

I’m quite strict with the time, that’s why I schedule it out so precise. It also makes it easier to stick with your plan.

I hope that this makes sense :)

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05/11 2015

Next up Spanish open.

Hallo all,

Not the weekend I hoped for. Went out there and just tried to be reckless mentally. Had two triple bogeys and putted to poorly so it was hard to get a low number. However, I see much improvement in the game and if I just keep practicing this way and enjoy it good weekends is around the corner.

Soon gonna board the plane which will take me to Dubai and then onwards to Barcelona. Fun week ahead as this is the first proper Europeantour event on European soil. As much as I love living in the heat I also like going back to Europe to get some crisp air and western lifestyle. Spanish open is the tournament called and it´s played at El prat GC. Something I haven’t played but heard good things about. Cool fact, they moved the whole golf course some years ago cause they needed to extend Barcelona airport.

Maybe a few of you people reading this is think of a vacation on Mauritius? So here comes some feedback and tips from our honeymoon week at Maurice Shanti hotel.

First of all I wanted to say that I had high expectations. Mauritius has always looked and felt as a dream luxury island to me. I don´t know if it´s cause of my expectations was so high combined with the quite high price that it didn´t fulfil our expectations all the way or  it has to do with something else. To explain better I wanna list all the things that was great and the things which didn´t meet our expectations.


  • Water is Beautifully blue
  •  Big rooms
  • Green surroundings with nice “mountains”
  • Fresh food
  • Restaurant location was switched around everyday for an authentic feel and also so you didn´t get bored of the same hotel restaurant.
  • Exploring the Island and boat trips where amazing.

Things that didn´t really meet our expectations:

  • There is a reef which surrounds the island approx. 500 meters from the shore which makes the tide very low at all time. So low that you can´t swim at some points(Just up to your knees).
  • Rooms where big which is nice but it didn´t really feel that cozy. Needed some more decoration.
  • As we where only half board at Shanti we had to pay for lunch and that was ridiculously priced. Two small green salads + still water. 55 euros.
  • As thru Mauritian law beaches are all public. Even if you are staying at a super nice beach resort you can expect it gets pretty crowded.

I would totally recommend you to go to Mauritius for a vacation. Specially if you like to explore and be active, but choose a less expensive hotel. If you are the typical relax-reading-book- tourist just take in consideration that all beaches are public and swimming in the sea could be tough mainly thru out the year.

See you in Spain!


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05/8 2015

From hot to cold.

The putter went from hot to cold overnight. Didn´t play well from tee to green either but decent putting would´ve helped me to stay around even par. However I did not and ended up shooting  75 +4.

Some attacking over the weekend will hopefully make up for the lost ground.


Trying my best to keep a good diet out on tour but today we (Me and my wifey) drunk some sparkling none alcoholic wine :)


Beautiful morning…













Roy from South Africa steps in for my normal caddie Garry who has the week off and will join next week in Barcelona.


Time to sleep!


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05/7 2015

Hot putter…

The extra hours I’ve spent on the practice green payed off today. Recognized myself on the greens again and were very solid within 10 feet. It led to an 68 -3 and tied for 14th.

Nice second shot who led to birdie on the 12th


17th hole par 4 440 meter. You win a villa if you hole out for an eagle.
3 days to go lets go low!

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