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12/15 2014


One week of detoxing and different treatments. Do I feel better? Body = Yes. Head = No.

When I got here I felt dizzy, headaches, muscle ache, ear pain.  On friday I started to feel a difference in my body. It started to feel light,smooth and energetic. Great feeling when I now started to work out again. Yesterday I tried to push it a bit, maybe should not call it pushing but from what I been doing before I would call it pushing :). However, during the session I felt that the back of my head started to hurt. It comes from the neck and builds up. My ears started too hurt as well. I thought that I have fucked up and my flu symptom was gonna come again. I rested as much as I could yesterday and it actually haven´t built up. Today I only feel sore muscles not muscle ache. I think this proves that I´m somehow on the right track to get better but being able to give everything will take a while.

My dizziness is still there though and we are still trying to do tests. Hopefully I`ll  get an answer soon.



IMG_6259 IMG_6260

The best thing yet, believe it or not has been the colonic. They suck all your shit out inside your intestines. An unpleasant feeling but afterwards you feel like a feather. The nurse told me that the bowel which  your shit goes thru weighs around 7 pounds (about 3 kg). When a person die they usually weigh 20-30. Elvis bowel weighted 50 pounds. Not surprised he died of a heart attack taking a dump.



It`s usually no que for the food but two nights ago it was different:



We got Ice cream :). Before I got here I would say it tested like awful. Now, it was Häagen dazs.


Oxygen help on a treadmill. I don´t feel like a man :).





Pretty nice morning while I´m writing this!


Breakfast now. Quionoa porridge with cinnamon and buckwheat milk.




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