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05/1 2014

The championship

Hi all,

Last week in Indonesia didn’t went as planned. I was very confident going in to the tournament and tried a little bit to hard. When I play the best I feel that I focus heard on my aim and then let the swing do the rest by itself. On the 1 first round I tried to force the swing a little bit and then I have a tendency to mis from the tee. However, it was not that bad but everything was little bit off so I couldn’t score well.

This week I’m in Singapore for the last tournament of the “sweat swing” (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) . Singapore could be one of my favorite city’s in the world. Clean, organized and a lot to do. Tournament is played on Laguna national Gc. Totally different what we played from the last two weeks. Short, narrow and with a Florida-kind of a look with many waterhazards that separate the holes. I’m going confident in to this week as well. A lot of 3-woods and 3-irons will be hitten from the tee and that’s my favorite clubs in the bag.

I also changed putter this week to a new vice versa center shafted XG oddessey.


I love gadgets and in a attempt to get better in swimming I bought everything :).

The driving range is sponsored by Volvik balls which is famous for there colors. My black mountain companion Johan tried to match it up yesterday:


Almost :)

Got some new fast jackets from Oakley. I was so negative about glasses one year ago but cause I got more and more headaches I then started to use oakleys and it stopped. It’s enough for me to use the bright lenses, just enough to take the reflections away and that’s what’s usually gives you headaches. The new g30 iridium lenses makes you see contour even better as well.


It will be a lot of weather delays this week cause of the constant rain and thunder threats in Singapore. It’s already one hour delay and I supposed to be teeing off 13.55. If it gets later, we will see.

Wish me good luck!
All the best


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