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12/11 2014

Testing testing. Not golf clubs .:)

Have done a lot of tests this far but not a lot have shown except one thing. My protein levels in my blood are high. At my first thought when the doctor said this was “That´s good”. Then she explained to me that it should be in my muscles not that much in my bloodstream. It could explain why I get flu symptoms when I have been trying to work out. Cause my muscles haven’t got enough protein to rebuild and then I get muscleache and in the end fever etc.

Waiting for a test today about insect bites and viruses. Hopefully that will give me more answers…

hippocrates hippocrates4


The diet, salad and green juices. Cheers 😉

hippocrates5 hippocrates2


IV-Vitamins treatment.



2x daily infrared sauna.


Now I will go and get my stomach flushed :D.


See you later


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