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01/17 2015

Swing pics…

As you all know I didn´t get in to the Abu dhabi championship this week.  I had a good week anyway practicing with my coach Viktor and hanged out in the commentary box on friday.



Picked up a box of 3 pair of shoes. This one are not bad at all. Crocodile silver.


Had a little cut dinner for a few of the swedish guys playing this week. Tacos was on the menu and my raw food ice-cream :).


New arrivals :)



Had a great day with Viktor. Tried some new clubs from Srixon. The club head looks great but the specs were not right so I have to wait until we get that right before I put them in the bag.

RK 1

My swing looks good overall but the driver still needs some work. Viktor changed my posture a bit,  a little bit more hanging over the ball. My tendency is that my hands get´s to high and away from the body in impact.


RK 2

Pretty equal, just a little bit more hanging on the pic to the right which makes me slightly flatter on the top.

RK 3

The left pick I get a bit behind and underneath the plane. The right is better.

RK 4

Same same…

RK 5

The Iron-swing is just pure.

RK 6


Up and down.


In the beginning of the round tomorrow I will be back commentating for Viasat Golf Sweden. Do you have any question. Tweet me or email me on


Take care




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