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05/20 2015

Shorter swing 

Spanish open didn’t go as planned. Started to overthink why I am missing it to the right. As I’m always working on my swing to get better it’s easy to look for the issue in there. Especially as I feel relaxed and mentally good when I play. As I said though I’ve tried to not work as much on technical aspects. However when I’m starting to miss my thoughts falls towards “what is happening, why is it going right”. Then I start to “fix it”. I have to stop doing this and let my body fix it by itself. Not only after 3 shots. At least for 18 holes.

Here is how My swing looks now:

How it looks if you break it down. 



I’ll can recommend to keep a glove underneath your right armpit as it gives you a more compact motion and gives you more pressure in to the shot.

2nd reserve now in to the irish open. Hopefully some more guys pulls out so I get in. Before that I go to London for the U.S. Open qualifying which is played on Monday. Some final preparation will be made tomorrow when I go up to Stockholm to work with my swing coach Viktor.
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