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12/8 2014

Preparing for the 2015 season

There was a looong time ago I posted something here.  I beg your pardon, but the reason is that I haven´t felt 100 procent. I have been talking about it before, about a viral infection. After several different treatments of medicin, both chemical and natural I taken the decision and gone to the leader of this issues:  Hippocrates health institute in West palm beach, Florida. I´m going to stay here for 2 weeks to detox and get medical treatment to really hit the reset button.

Before going to florida I was so happy I got thru the Europeantour Q-school. It´s a week of where it´s easy to get ahead of yourself and think bad thoughts. I kept my patient and prepared myself that the bad thoughts will come so when they came I kept my cool and trusted my game.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during that week and all the lovely messages!

From now on we will have some fun with this blog again! I promise you!

Will give you some updates what´s happening during my stay at this detox place! 😀



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