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02/12 2014

On my way to Stockholm



Writing this on the plane to Stockholm. Think that I told you about the flu and that has hard to let go. It has come to the point that Im going to sweden for some treatment from Ulf Kilman. Ulf has his own Institute outside Stockolm on an Island called Ekerö. Ulf Is a Chinesolog  who has widen his knowledge on health and is the best I know the get the body healthy. I started to work with Ulf in 2007 when I had constant issues with pain in my stomach. I went to the normal Hospital and did the test that they provided, but I couldn’t get any better answer that it came from stress. I was not happy with that diagnose cause i didnt feel stressed. After some advice I went to Ulf.  He told me I had an parasite and I should stop with wheat /gluten. Since then It has been good. I keep on seeing him, whenever I got sick or regularly the get “balanced” and energized”.


So if you have a issue with your health I can strongly recommend  you to see him.



Practice in the dark yesterday at Yas links.  constantly trying to improve my drive with speed and flow:

IMG_9427 IMG_9426



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