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09/18 2014


Last Saturday I felt a slight dehydration after my round. It led to muscle ache, sore throat, pain in the ears and fever. It’s the 6th time This year I got the same symptom and I can’t find the solution. After seeing 4 doctors and other specialists around the world you notice how different they are in there conclusions of what I’ll picked up. My conclusion after seeing all this people: they describe waaay to much antibiotics. It doesn’t only kill the bad bacteria in your body. It also kills the good. So my immune system have gotten so bad every time I exhaust my body by working out, dehydration etc it can rebuild. Also my problem is not bacterial it’s probably viral which means my 4 antibiotics cures has been the wrong treatment.

Bottom line I just wanna say. Eat better and when you feel sick see a person who can guideline you to the right supplements which will boost your body up so it can take care of it by itself.

I feel better now by boosting myself with c-vitamin, zinc, probiotics, bicarbonate, wheatgrass and a lot of sleep.

However, I don’t have any big expectation on myself this week after just been able to practice 1 and half hours yesterday. Energy is there now though so let’s do the best out of it!

14.00 last off!



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