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04/18 2014

Good chipping and good Ironplay takes you far but not all the way.

Have been hitting my irons great this two days. Decent distance control and with good accuracy. I´m surprised though how bad my driving has been. Only 1 fairway hit out of 10. The fairway I hit which was on nr7 bounced back on the curb of the car path So it shouldn´t even count. :). Putting could´ve been better aswell. Have only sinked two putts outside three feet. One was yesterday for birdie on 16th and one today on 2nd, both from 9 feet.

Been think of changing driver , but cause that I’ve been hitting it good before it will be easier to find the rhythm again with my old one. (which is a R1). Putting is the same thing. Just keep on trying to see the line that will get it in to the hole and eventually they will start dropping.


Pablo Larrazabal got chased by some hornets today. It got so bad that he had to jump in to the water hazard: Link.


Tomorrow it´s moving day. With the knowledge I now have from the course and my game I will hopefully move in the right direction :).





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