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09/12 2014

Golfbag vs Karlberg 1-0

Lost my temper a little bit after finishing with a double bogey yesterday. Kicking my golfbag with my foot was not a great ide, cause at impact, my knee sounded “klick”.

No pain, or lost mobility in it until 3 hours later, then… Couldn´t  bend the knee and  hardly could walk. Was scarred there for a while but after som icing and Ibuprofen it got better quick and this morning the pain was almost gone.




Normally I don’t let my aggression out so I learned something how I not should do it.


Enough about my stupid behavior and more about my game.Yesterday was great from tee to green but as expected I struggled on the greens. So I did today, but my chipping was great and that made up when I hit more lose shots then yesterday. The best thing is that I feel comfortable over the ball with every club. Even with my putter. After a starting 72-72 even par I’m 7 shots back. That gap can you easily caught up to with 2 good rounds. My game is there, so just a little bit of luck on the greens and it should´t be any problems.

It happens now and then that the Asian tour surprises you with different “rules”.


30 bollar


I guess that most of you can imagine what the players think about this ;).



Time to get some beauty sleep.



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