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10/10 2013

Distance control

Played pretty solid today. Hit 15 greens and only missed 2 fairways. Putting was ok, but I hope I can hole a lot more putts tomorrow. However, 69 for a -3 and at the moment 11th position.

Last week I worked a lot on my putting but also on my Distance control. I made a video to explain how I do it:



I got the inspiration to this exercise after I played the US Open this year. When the greens are rock hard and the pins are at impossible spots, It´s NOT only about hitting the right distance. You also need to combine it with the right shape as a draw or fade. Can tell you I was useless at it and I felt really uncomfortable over the shot. Now it got a lot better so when tougher courses is coming up I will be closer to the pin.

Cause of the 2 and a half hour fogdelay we had this morning I don´t go out before 14.00 tomorrow. Hardcore sleep! 😉

Take care


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