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02/5 2014

Did Tiger do it for the money or not?

First of all I wanna tell you that I´ve taken a big step towards manhood:IMG_4055

I became a carpenter…



Second of all I wanna share something I have been thinking about since I heard Tiger Woods traveled to India for playing a few holes of golf. The amount is unclear, but it is somewhere around 2 million dollar. Not bad for one days work. However, I´m not the biggest Tiger fan, especially lately since he looks and plays pretty boring golf. When I heard this though I actually don´t think he did it for the money. I think he did it for his Tiger Woods Branding off course but also too actually see that he can grow the game of golf by the huge impact he does all over the world. Golf in India is a sport that very few people can afford, so it would be nice if this is a step forward to make it possible for everyone. Bottom-line Tiger has so much money so I don´t see the point for him to go to India for that reason. He wanna be a world Ambassador for golf and that we should take our hats off instead of giving him shit.


Yas Links tomorrow.

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