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12/22 2014


I´m sitting on my 2nd flight of 3 when I write this. 27 hour journey from Orlando to Bangkok. Yihaa!


Yepp that´s right! To Thailand and my favorite place on this planet, Black mountain, Hua Hin. Spending one week there with my fiancee for some wedding planning, finishing the house and relaxing.


Back to my illness:


In the middle of my stay at Hippocrates I was not sure I would get a diagnos. I was skeptical that just Detox,  few vitamin and oxygen treatments with some supplements would be enough. Also I didn´t feel that much difference. So on Thursday I booked a time with the founder and director of the institute Dr. Brian Clement. I think I never met a man with more knowledge then him. All the lecture he did and Q & A´s which you could throw any question at him and he would have a answer without even hesitating.


Brian explained to me that I had so many infections in my body, both viral and bacterial even they were not ”active ” I have them latent in my blood stream. Many have the same but as I been given so much antibiotics in Asia over the 2 last years my Immunsystem got weak and I ”leak” protein.  This makes my muscles inflamed and the only way to treat it is by strongen my Immune system. Both  by a Vegan diet and supplements. However,  That was not only thing they found. After a urine test they found high levels of  Uranium, you heard it right Uranium! The Uranium is not the cause of my issue. Brian explained it works in the same way as you put pepper in a open wound. It will not heal. The best way to get ride of this heavy metal toxin is to sweat it out in a sauna.



After being on this diet, treatments, supplements and gotten a diagnos I feel the best I done in a year. I´m not perfect. But for once it feels like i´m getting there!



I found some time for golf in the last week. 3 rounds of golf and a little practice session on saturday.

Wednesday and Saturday I practiced with Alex Norén. Great to see that his wrist is getting better so he can play again!  Alex is a member at The Bears club in West palm beach and I have to say. What a place! Nothing to complain about there!




The bear like moose!








Last day at Hippocrates we got Raw food pizza:



Tasted like heaven!

My buddy from sweden who lives and plays in America swinged by to see how I was doing. His usual Subway -sandwich diet makes it hard to coop raw-vegan and Wheatgrass juice. He almost puked :).


Will miss the heated jaccuzzi :).


Supplement time!!!!



See you soon!




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