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04/26 2015


Yeah folks it was an awful friday. Especially bad was my putting. 5x 3-putts in 18 holes. I think that is some kind a record since my junior times. Off course it was very tough conditions and tough pin placements but I should hold it up better then this. Both with my long game and short game.

I need to commit to my swing which I constantly working on to get my hands closer to my body at impact. On the range it´s working great, on the course it´s a little up and down. I always want to play without any swing thoughts, so before I just wacked the ball and it has gone pretty straight. Now though cause I´m almost swinging the way I want without thinking about my technique I get a bit, “Shall I think about the hands or not”. Freakin stupid I know so from now on I will make myself a promise before I go out and play.


Cool pictures from the Photoshoot I did with Black mountain a couple of months ago:



16625600653_921c7acfbd_z 17034195730_dd05a3259a_z


There where more funny shots then this. I show you another time.

Mauritius Next!

See you there!

Take care



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