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04/1 2014

Wall of cheaters

I could just say how surprised I am how good this course is. Usually when you are in the Marbella-area the courses are short and weird cause of all the slopes and houses that needs to be fitted in. La reserva de Sotogrande is different though. You still have huge drops from the tee to fairway and slopy greens but they are shaped in a good way. Not the kind of way it has to be when you don’t have space.

Lovely par-3. Hole nr 8 with view of the sea and some typical Spanish real estate:


Watched champions league at a sportsbar this evening and found a funny wall of pictures:


Wall of cheaters.

Can’t name them all but you have Ludmila Enquist, Lance Armstrong Barry Barnes etc.

It was extra fun to see cause on the flight over here I saw a documentary called “the Armstrong lie”. And it amazed me how you can be such a liar. What pisses me even more off is that the “international pro cyclist association” (or whatever it’s called) had to know! It’s impossible that everyone is getting caught except Armstrong. They had to cover it up!

One good thing came out of his career: he raised 300 mil. Usd. For cancer patients!!! Unfortunately there is no one to take over.

Time to sleep!


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03/31 2014

NH Collection open

Its was a while ago I played a tournament in Europe. Gonna be existing the see how it feels putting on something else then Bermuda.

Club de golf Sotogrande is the venue for the tournament. Last time I was in the Malaga area I was in the lead after 2 rounds during the “open de andalucia”. Hopefully we can start like that and keep on going.

Back in the gym after a long break. My physique is awful but the view is nice at least:


Think I will choose the cartoon movie “Froozen” on the route to Madrid and then onwards to Malaga. 12 hour flight:


Take care!


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03/28 2014

Home for 3 days.

The week at Black mountain Has been fantastic. Great practice, friends and a lot of laughter.

My game feels in great shape, at least the first 5 days. Unfortunately I strained my neck when I was swimming so I could´t fully rotate in the backswing the last 2 days. those things happens now and then, and Im already feeling better.


Pics from the week:


13th tee first day!


Saturday: 9 holes on the par-3 course, poolbar at the water park, dart tournament at “Casa Big Rick”



IMG_9538 IMG_9540


Jocke Rask, Dennis Johansson, Pelle Edberg, Jesper Kennegård and his girlfriend Emelie.


Love competing. It almost gets more import when you play other sport, for example dart.












Love. 😀


Last day Dennis and I played the only morning round for the week. Damn it was nice:


6th green


4th approach.


No comment.



4th green.


Back in Abu dhabi now.


See you tomorrow.



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03/20 2014

Padel gear!

My trip went allright from Dubai to Black mountain. Don’t love flying during the nights cause I find it hard to sleep on an airplane. Landed 8am, had to wait a couple of hours for my friend at the airport but after that it has been a hectic day. 18 holes of golf, dinner in Hua Hin at the prime steak house, footmassage and breakfast-shopping.

Can’t complain on that day. Tomorrow will be even better:

Swimming, breakfast, practice, lunch, 18 holes of golf, Padel-tennis, dinner with C-m Carlsson on piano!

Standard day on the mountain 😛


Can’t wait to try my new Padel rackets out! :)

Take care


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03/19 2014

Busy schedule coming up

Home In Abu dhabi now. arrived Monday morning and flying out tonight to Bangkok. A good week of practice is scheduled at Black Mountain. Got to me last week that I have been practiced at to slow green for a while now. It´s time to do something about that and go to  BM and practice on great surface that never goes under 11-on the stimp meter.

A few other guys will be there aswell which makes practice even better.


This view I´ve been missing.



The last couple of months have been really slow for me. Not that many tournaments. Mainly cause I haven´t got in tournaments that I thought I was. However, now I´m getting in to a really busy schedule:


3-6 April .NH Collection open, La reserva de Sotogrande Club de golf, Spain

17-20 April. Maybank Malaysian Open, Kuala Lumpur GCCC, Malaysia.

24-27 April. CIMB NIAGA Indonesian Masters, Royal Jakarta GC, Indonesia

1-4 May. The Champioship, Black Stone resort, Korea.

8-11 May. Madeira Island open, Clube de golf do santo de serra, Portugal.

Sometimes you have to arrange Visas. For example, Yesterday I had to arrange for Korea. The weird thing is that many business visas is quicker to arrange here in Abu dhabi or Bangkok then Sweden. Korean visa they want 2-3 weeks to arrange. AD: 1 day. Same thing with Indian visa and Chinese via. Thought they need to do a “Terrorist check” first :)

Korean Embessy Selfie:




Time to pack down the last things and off to the airport.



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03/16 2014

The wind got to me.

Sitting tired in the airport lounge and frustrated that I couldn´t do better after that good start.

The course played the same during the 3 last days and I could´t figure out the greens. They were very fast so when it blow 2-3 club wind it gets affected. Still, I should have done better. Might be the lack of practice on fast greens the last couple of months is the reason? Feels extra good for me that I booked 1 week at black mountain. Thursday to Thursday next week.


Changed my profile picture on my facebook page for the first time in 4 years:IMG_2845


About time :)

Time to fly.


See you





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03/14 2014


Started awful today. Not cause I hit really bad shoots more cause it’s so easy when it blows 3-club wind to do mistakes . 4th as I told you is a tight son of a bitch, it felt like I hit a good drive. When i looked up though. It was going slightly left and the strong right-to-left head wind just took it and bye bye, Ob. Toped that up with a 3- putt for a trippel-bogey. Hit some wrong clubs two next holes and, bam. 2 bogeys. However a good comeback on the backnine leaves me -2 for the tournament. 5 shots back.

Tomorrow the hunting starts! Playing for the win nothing else!

Love those old golf-quotes:


7.50 tee time!

Good night!


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03/13 2014

Tied 3rd.

Got myself a good start just as I wanted. -4,67 tied for 3rd, 1 shot behind the leaders.

Hit 8 fairways and 15 greens which setup for a few good birdie chances that I took care of. Especially the par 5´s. 2 easy birdies out of 3. those two I hit both on 2 shots. Easy peacy!


Here is an interview after the round:

Lets keep moving forward tomorrow.

take care


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03/12 2014

Norwegian Guns

All ready to go after todays practice!

Driving hasn´t felt great but the course is pretty wide so it should be any problem if you miss a little bit. Better to just rip it and hope :).

There is actually one hole that is really tight. Might be one of the toughest teeshots this year:


IMG_9462 IMG_9473


Water right, Ob left. Can´t wait to rip one down the middle! :)


Constantly working to not go cross at the top of my swing.  Baby steps forward i think.

My Norwegian friend Elias is showing off his guns so they can be nice and brown for his girlfriend:


Allright time to go to bed!


7.50 tee time tomorrow.


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03/11 2014

In manila

Hi All,


Was a while since I posted something. Sorry for that. Here we go again:


Last time I posted I where in India playing Sail open.


After 2 rounds I was laying 27th on minus 3. Totally I was 11 shots behind the leader and 7 shots behind top 3. I reminded myself then about something Björn borg said when they interviewed him after winning the wimbledon (3rd or 4th time).


“Mr Borg, How come you always play your best in the finals”


Björn replied: “I don´t play better, I play as I always do. My opponent though, they get nervous and don´t play as good.


With that In mind I knew if i relaxed more I will have a pretty good chance to catch them when they are starting to tighten up. With -9 in the weekend I for sure catched up and finished 3rd alone.


Now I´m in the outskirts of Manila to play the Solaire Open. The Course we are playing this week is called the Country club. The course is in great shape and pretty long. Apparently the owner of the course want´s it to be played as tough as possible. It will be fun to see.


Had a nice weekend in Dubai.

The bomb from a boat!


I love this picture I got from a mate:




Talk to you tomorrow






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