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09/10 2014

Bring that grain to me!

All set for tomorrow, atleast as prepared as I can be after being on a mountain going in to the jungle. A clarification of that: going from Poana/bent- mix greens to “grainy unaerated fucked-up Bermuda -greens” :) in 1 day.

The greens are firm and haven’t been Aerated in forever so they are grainy and jumpy. Will be a challenge to read them this week but even more challenging to except the results. Cause you will miss putts, and many of them you will probably think out loud “how the f*ck could it go that way”.

Just man up and hope for the best.

My appetite wasn’t very high during the pro am dinner:


7.10 tee time tomorrow. That means 4.15 wake up call. Gahh :).


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