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01/30 2014

2 days of practice with Viktor at the Els club.







Everything keeps improving Viktor says.

This is a few pictures from the 2 day at the Els club:



Cause of the progress we are not changing to any new exercises. This one I worked with for almost two years. Getting my backswing on plane with 2 aim sticks.



Maybe a touch laid of but other then that, Great!

IMG_9414Tough job being an instructor :).



Nice lunch at the Els clubs terrace.

IMG_9416Mr Sjöholm was there aswell and we worked on our driving together.



This picture is not really clear, but I tried Joels Taylor made SLDR with a Diamana shaft. The interesting thing is to see how my attack angle changes just by changing to another club with a different shaft. unfortunately I haven´t got a picture of my R1 trackman result but the one you look at right now I tried to rip the shit out of.  285 meter Carry I can live with :).

IMG_2399 IMG_2427 IMG_2438 IMG_2410


few pictures from the Els Golf course.


See you tomorrow.







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  2. Richard
    01/30 2014

    Swing looking good as usual, play well this year :)

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