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04/26 2015


Yeah folks it was an awful friday. Especially bad was my putting. 5x 3-putts in 18 holes. I think that is some kind a record since my junior times. Off course it was very tough conditions and tough pin placements but I should hold it up better then this. Both with my long game and short game.

I need to commit to my swing which I constantly working on to get my hands closer to my body at impact. On the range it´s working great, on the course it´s a little up and down. I always want to play without any swing thoughts, so before I just wacked the ball and it has gone pretty straight. Now though cause I´m almost swinging the way I want without thinking about my technique I get a bit, “Shall I think about the hands or not”. Freakin stupid I know so from now on I will make myself a promise before I go out and play.


Cool pictures from the Photoshoot I did with Black mountain a couple of months ago:



16625600653_921c7acfbd_z 17034195730_dd05a3259a_z


There where more funny shots then this. I show you another time.

Mauritius Next!

See you there!

Take care



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04/23 2015

Yoga morning, Nordea tour and Jakarta.

Just played my first round of the CIMB Indonesian Masters. Shot 72 after some pretty solid golf. While playing the round I felt like I didn´t play that well but after I checked my stats card there was 16 greens and 12 fairways. My game has not felt that good lately. My club get stuck behind me in my down swing and I lose it to the right. I worked on it quite hard the last few days and it starts to come together. Usually I hit a draw but to make the club come down better on plane I try to hit fades.

Here is some pictures from the last few days.


Yoga morning on our patio at Black Mountain.


Love breakfast

- Alkaline smoothie made by spinach, avocado, lemon.

- Homemade yoghurt: raspberries, blueberries, buckwheat, avocado and a little bit of agave syrup. The toping is cornflakes without gluten and sugar.

- Fruit platter with mango and passionfruit


Nice view from our guest room.


Sweet little Pro-am event Nordea and Black mountain organized. Doesn´t count towards the Nordic league but good test for the players and everyone gets paid.


In jakarta.







The course is always good here at Royale Jakarta GC. Good test if the wind is on!


Keeping the head down and still.


No vacation for the wife. She is on the bag. Good or bad? We will see :D



J.Lindeberg clothes are fantastic in the 36 degree heat!


Time to relax and gain some energy for tomorrows round.




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04/15 2015

Bye bye Abu Dhabi, hello Black Mountain

Sitting on the airport, soon ready to board after 4 weeks of good preparation for the rest of the season.

Europeantour called me up on monday and said that I was in to Shenzhen International. As I feel that preparation and planning Is everything for me I skipped this as it came unexpected. So I´m stickin to my plan and are on my way to Black mountain. At BM I will play a Pro-am tournament which is a part of the Swedish golf tour (Nordea). Sweet test for me to see where my game is at.


Some pics from the week:


Happy man, gained some weight and energy!


Cool animals at Saadiyat GC



Going hard on the Vegan/Rawfood diet but I put in some fish and eggs to get more protein. This is a Delicious Rawfood pizza. free from Gluten, dairy and animal protein. Just pure and refreshing.



18th teeshot at Saadiyat GC

My route for the next 5 weeks:

Thailand – Indonesia – Mauritius – Spain.

Feeling pumped to get out on tour again!

See you in Thailand! :D




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03/16 2015

Disappointing weeks in South Africa.

Came down to South Africa with good thoughts and feelings  but could not put a score together. I could understand that it could happen after everything that has been going on. Thswane Open the second and last of the two It was not much to say about, I got ill again and just tried to take my ass around the track. Before I have performed pretty good during this circumstances but I´m starting to get so tired and frustrated which makes it tougher to get my ass around.

I´m gonna this week in Sweden with hopes that focus on good food and some kind of physical training could make my energy come back.

Here is some pictures from East London. Beautiful place that gets lost in all criminality that goes on in the area. Apparently a lot happen in 2008 when they closed a lot of industries and people lost there jobs. If you are a golf nut that loves South africa, Keep yourself in Capetown!



Karlberg and Edberg


Lagergren, Broberg, Karlberg and Edberg


Stunning view at the 12th green at East London Golfclub





2nd tee





Bye South Africa. Hello Sweden!


New Lingheim approved out! Chill Chill:



[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

See you in sweden!


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02/5 2015

Tough day…

It was a tough day at work today. Missed fairways on the par-5´s so I couldn’´t get any easy birdies and  the rest was just ehhh…. some good ones but mostly bad shots and a lot of dropping. Free drops though but weird ones so I had to call over the referee several times. At one point the referee said that he almost should charge us as he only helped our group :) .


Got out of it 1 -over par 73. Currently around 66th.


Someone who didn´t have a bad day on the Australian tour was Richard Green:

Sounds like it hits the rack for the bunker and bounces in.


Time to relax.


Take care



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02/3 2015

Malaysian open

Hello All,


I´m in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Malaysian Maybank open. The KLGCC- course I have played quite a lot. As late as october I was here and played the Cimb Classic here. Good memories from that by being in the lead after the first round:



Game  is feeling good and with a 5th place last year I´m feeling confident that it will be a good week again.





I woke my Caddie up from his winter- hibernation. A few kilos heavier so he is ready to work hard.



6th green.



Dinner is on This guy: Mikael Lundberg


Hole 9. long iron out and a 7-8 iron in.


7-iron this time.



What´s in my bag:

Driver:  Callaway Alpha 9.0 degree

3-wood: Callaway Alpha 815 15 degree

2-iron Callaway UT-iron 21 degree

4-pw: Cleveland 588 CB

52.56.60 degree wedges: Cleveland 588 Rusty.

Putter: Odessey pro series no-7

Ball: Srixon Z-star XV Spinskin


Time for bed!

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01/17 2015

Swing pics…

As you all know I didn´t get in to the Abu dhabi championship this week.  I had a good week anyway practicing with my coach Viktor and hanged out in the commentary box on friday.



Picked up a box of 3 pair of shoes. This one are not bad at all. Crocodile silver.


Had a little cut dinner for a few of the swedish guys playing this week. Tacos was on the menu and my raw food ice-cream :) .


New arrivals :)



Had a great day with Viktor. Tried some new clubs from Srixon. The club head looks great but the specs were not right so I have to wait until we get that right before I put them in the bag.

RK 1

My swing looks good overall but the driver still needs some work. Viktor changed my posture a bit,  a little bit more hanging over the ball. My tendency is that my hands get´s to high and away from the body in impact.


RK 2

Pretty equal, just a little bit more hanging on the pic to the right which makes me slightly flatter on the top.

RK 3

The left pick I get a bit behind and underneath the plane. The right is better.

RK 4

Same same…

RK 5

The Iron-swing is just pure.

RK 6


Up and down.


In the beginning of the round tomorrow I will be back commentating for Viasat Golf Sweden. Do you have any question. Tweet me or email me on


Take care




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01/12 2015

I leave SA satisfied but with a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Overall I´m happy with the week at Glendower GC.  The course wasn’t really setup for my game. Quite a lot of drivers to narrow fairways and from there you hit in to soft greens.  Because of the distance  and height I hit the ball I rather take a bit wider fairways and firmer greens.  This is one of the reasons tournament golf is so fun. You have to learn how to adopt to every course and form your course management after it. For me it means Driving irons from the tee and middle irons in to the greens.

Finishing 15th was a bit sour in the end when I was so close to get top-5 and play  this week at Abu dhabi championship. instead It´s a week to practice and prepare for the next week that hopefully would be Qatar masters.



your short game can never be  to good



Niclas fasth was happy with his -1, 71. finish and celebrated with some champagne. I took my Vegan protein shake :P .


Played some “Lingheim” for Mikael Lundberg. know he is also very hooked:


See ya.




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01/8 2015

Happy with the start.

Nice day  at Glendover GC. Shot -2 in the little breezy condition.

Best of all today was that I stayed patient. The rough is really thick and long and I had three fairway missed that I just needed to hit back in the fairway. two of those I was only 5 Yards from the fairway.

Here is some pics:



Nice to have Pelle and Johan to hang out with. It´s not that nice to lose money to them :)


Keep going stron with my Vegan diet. Tough out here though.


There is a few nice holes out here. this 14th.



Even the cats like him…



Driving is feel quite solid. Hit a lot of good ones on to this narrow fairways.


Take care guys.



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01/5 2015

SA Open, I´m on my way.

Happy new year everyone.

I hope you celebrated it well.

Sitting on the plane from Dubai to Johannesburg and I thought I would write you a few words.

My energy is getting better and better, so is the practice. I’ll think i never practiced so little in the off season before so I’m very happy that my swing doesn’t need any big improvements or work. The only thing I need is rounds of golf because it’s very up and down.  One day it’s 74 the other day 64. I don’t have high expectations in Johannesburg it’s just gonna be really fun to be back playing!

As you might seen on Twitter I have a new clothing sponsor: J.Lindeberg. Gonna be great fun to work with a brand who impacted the golfing style as much as they done with colors and design! :)

Just picked up the first clothes and will give you some picks tomorrow :)

If you run out of something chill to listen to while you are driving or traveling. Check this out:

Lingheim approved mix tapes. Sweet mashups!

time to land now.

See you later.


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